New year, new interior!

With the New Year also come New Year’s resolutions. It is true that we have been in the new year for a while now, but still this blog is about making choices and getting to know yourself again while making them. Read more in this blog about how I stayed true to myself this year and thus redesigned my life!

The beginning

If you want to change something about yourself, you also have to adapt the environment in which you find yourself. With the new year also come new trends and developments. In recent years I have become more interested in interior design, so this is what I wanted to focus on this year.

To begin with, I wanted to change my entire interior. I had a fairly modern interior, not necessarily Scandinavian, but modern. Do you know that you want to completely shake off your current interior? I had that very badly with my house. That’s why I wanted a new look to start the year well. But what are the latest fashion trends?

Hot & happening

If you have to believe the latest news in the field of interior styling, the rural, Scandinavian and industrial interiors are still inseparable from the current interior landscape. I wanted something different, so I started looking for something else.

From light colors in my modern interior, I have completely changed to a dark and elegant living trend. Here natural shapes, materials and deep colors come into their own. Exactly what this year is central for in my case.

In my current interior you will not easily find broken white with cream white and pastel beige anymore. For me this year it is all about aubergine, dark blue and other elements that provide a classic touch. But which elements ensure this?

It’s all in the details

In addition to the furniture, cushions and rugs, it was also necessary to give my other accessories a good freshening up. That’s how I completely fell in love with the floor mirror trend. Unfortunately I could not find a nice copy anywhere in the shops.

Then I started looking on the internet and actually found Glassby almost immediately. Buying a custom mirror from Glassby is really like a dream come to life. They offered a good listening ear and that is reflected in the more than perfect end result. With my beautiful floor mirror, I still ensure that a little light comes into my somewhat darker interior. That’s how I created the perfect environment to work on myself!


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